1. Choose between Greenscreen or our premium backdrop (refer to attachment)
  2. Unlimited Prints
  3. Choose up to 2 Print size (4R 4x6”, Photostrip 2x6”, Polaroid 4x3” & Credit Card 2x3”)
  4. GIF option available (available if you choose up to 2 shots or more)
  5. Choose up to 2 template design
  6. Customization of 2 photo template with unlimited revision
  7. Individual prints for each guest
  8. Photo sleeves for each guest
  9. Live View during photo taking
  10. Live Stream of photos during the event (event venue have to provide projector)
  11. Lots of Wacky Props
  12. Photobooth Crew on site
  13. Softcopy photos will be provided after the event ended

Premium Class Package