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In order to ensure that our customers have the finest photo booth and video booth experience possible, we have a broad variety of backdrops. All of these backdrops for photo booths are created from professional-grade fabrics. They aren’t shiny, and they don’t show creases or wrinkles.

We can provide unique photo booth backdrops if you require something unique for your picture or video booth. Please be aware that the production period for each individualized photo booth backdrop is around 5–7 business days. There will be more expenses as well.


Darkhole Black

Elegant White

Purple Tinsel

Red Tinsel

Silver Tinsel

Gold Tinsel

Da Xi

Floral Wall


Green Daisy

Polka Dot


Luminated Night

The Romantic Night

Geometric Gold

Wood with Lightbulb


Our professional photography crew can arrange everything for you to get the best possible shots. To guarantee that your photographs are of the best quality, we have invested in cutting-edge gear and acquired extensive knowledge in lighting and composition. We may provide you with a basic background for product photographs or a more complex setting for fashion or lifestyle photography.

Anyone wishing to improve their brand’s visual identity may benefit from using our backdrop photography services. Whether you’re a fashion designer, a blogger, or the owner of a local company, investing in high-quality professional photographs will help you stand out from the competition.

In addition to offering a perfect backdrop for your photographs, we also give a number of complementary services designed to make your session go well. If you want flawless images, our experts can provide stylistic guidance, aid with model casting, and even help with hair and makeup.

At Functions Studio, we aim to go above and beyond for each and every one of our clients. We pay close attention to what you want from the picture shoot and work with you to design a session that delivers exactly what you need. Our group shares a deep appreciation for photography and the idea that every session should be a partnership between the client and the photographer.

Our backdrop photography services are the optimal means of elevating your photographs to the next level. We are convinced that we can help you create your ideal picture session with the assistance of our professional staff, cutting-edge technology, and dedication to your satisfaction. Get in touch with us immediately to discuss your needs and set up a consultation.

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